Baby Bath Tubs You Won't Want to Live Without

When your baby is born, you want to smother it with all the possible care and nurturing you can.  All of your friends, relatives, and neighbors visit to see your newborn and want to share in this new chapter of your life with you.  You make the baby smell so nice, and it seems like it’s such a lovable thing that it could never be anything but fun.

Given a little time, not only does the baby cry and cause you to lose precious sleep, but its poop starts to stink.  And you know it’s time to do more than run a moist washcloth over the baby’s body.  It’s time you breakout the baby bath tub.  You've probably noticed, though, that baby bath tubs are bulky and awkward.  And a baby can be somewhat unappreciative by the experience of a baby bath.  So, you decide to do some research for good baby bath tubs.  You want to find one that is more easy to use, and more comfortable for your baby’s tender skin.  And then you stumble across the Puj Tub.  And you are glad you did.  Because the Puj Tub baby bath tub is a totally new idea that takes into consideration all that we find being needful in our lives of this day and age.

Isn’t it wonderful that in Puj you have a baby bath tub that isn’t way behind the times?  Goodness gracioius, we are in the 21st century and baby bath tubs have a little catching up to do.  It’s not just bare necessities for us here in this century, it’s also about time, convenience, and comfort.  And of all  baby bath tubs, Puj is the winner by far.

Puj Tub baby bath tubs afford mom an easier time on her back.  She won’t have to be bending over or be blowing out her knees.  Lifting baby and carrying him or her around is enough of a strain, especially if mom has had a C-Section.  With the Puj Tub baby bath tubs, mom can snap, slip, and drip.  That is, she can snap a neat piece of light foam into place, slip it under the faucet in the sink, and turn on ever so carefully a trickle of water to proceed washing her baby ever so gently and soothingly.  She has two hands to work with!  She isn’t juggling any longer.

Nearly every one of the baby bath tubs are such buckets.  Yes, some of them may have a side for the baby to lie up against, but most are still hard plastic, and that spells unsafe.  You don’t want to take the chance with your child do you?  Especially when your baby gets excited.  The plus you have with the Puj besides not having to strain your back is that it forms to the natural cradling position your baby is used to.  And it’s ever so soft.  It reminds the baby of the safety and security of being bathed in the womb. 

There is not a whole heap of difference between most of the baby bath tubs available on the market.  But when you see the Puj Tub baby bath tub, it will be like you are comparing cows to horses.  And once you purchase one of these baby bath tubs, you won’t ever go back to anything else.   But you may in a museum sometime pass by the “old kind” and chuckle to yourself about why they were around for so long…